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Made in the USA

PowrFab® Solid Stainless Steel Brackets are engineered to meet the most demanding applications.

Manufactured with marine grade (316L) stainless, these structural connectors are the most corrosion resistant available for the construction industry today.

PowrFab Backets out of OregonPowrFab Brackets were originally designed for the corrosive atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest coast, these heavy gauge 316L stainless brackets are virtually impervious to salt, sand and ocean spray.

PowrFab® Solid Stainless Steel Brackets have set the new standard of excellence for quality construction. Don’t sacrifice the structural integrity of your building. So, whether it is new construction, a remodel or replacement of those rusted galvanized brackets, choose the best in the industry.

I build on the Oregon Coast and I require heavy stainless steel brackets on my jobs. PowrFab products are unsurpassed in quality and the lead time is almost nonexistent.....

Mark Widmer, BuilderBuilder - A very satisfied customer