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Each bracket has been engineered and tested to the highest standards. Look for the load rating information for each bracket on the Engineering Data page.

With over 50 different styles and sizes to choose from, PowrFab® Solid Stainless Steel Brackets has a large selection of marine grade stainless connectors in stock for immediate delivery. Brackets, joist hangers, beam brackets, stainless connectors, concrete connectors, column bases, post bases and more!

In addition to the PowrFab® standard size brackets, we will fabricate specialty brackets to your specification – we guarantee quality products and competitive pricing!

316L is a chromium-nickel stainless steel modified by the addition of molybdenum, which greatly increases its corrosion resistance. Type 316L is more resistant to atmospheric and general corrosive conditions than any of the other standard stainless steels. It has good resistance to the corrosive effects of sulphates, phosphates and other salts, as well as reducing acids such as sulphuric, sulphurous and phosphoric.